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Liberstad District Regulations

At Liberstad, we believe in fostering a harmonious and vibrant community where individual freedom thrives, while simultaneously preserving the pristine beauty of our surroundings. Our district-specific regulations play a pivotal role in achieving this balance. On this page, you will find comprehensive details about the specific regulations governing each district within Liberstad.

Each district serves a unique purpose, be it a haven for cabins, a bustling urban center, or a serene natural retreat. Our regulations are carefully crafted to ensure that these purposes are met while respecting the rights and interests of our diverse community of landowners.

Whether you're a new landowner exploring the possibilities or a long-standing member of our community, this resource will provide you with the insights you need to understand and abide by the regulations within your chosen district. We encourage you to familiarize yourself with these guidelines, ensuring that our community continues to flourish in a manner that aligns with our shared values.

Regulations for Liberstad Cabin District

Version 0.1

Section I: Cabin Plots

1. Minimum Plot Size (1000 sqm): All cabin plots within Liberstad Cabin District must have a minimum size of 1000 square meters to ensure sufficient space and privacy for each landowner.

2. Cabin Density (One Cabin per Plot): Each land plot is designated for one cabin structure. However, additional structures such as garages, sheds, or greenhouses are permitted, enabling landowners to customize their properties.

3. Maximum Cabin Size (0.5% of Plot Size, Max 120 sqm): Cabin structures are limited to a maximum size of 0.5% of the plot size, with an absolute maximum of 120 square meters. This regulation ensures proportionality and harmonious development.

4. Total Building Size (10% of Plot Size or Max 150 sqm): The aggregate surface area of all buildings, including cabins and additional structures, must not exceed 10% of the total plot size or 150 square meters, whichever is less. This limitation maintains a balanced environment.

5. Height Restrictions (Max 4.5 meters to Roof Ridge): Cabin structures must adhere to a maximum height of 4.5 meters to the roof ridge from the ground. This restriction preserves the visual aesthetics of the district.

6. Minimum 1 Meter Setback from Property Borders: All buildings, including cabins and additional structures, are required to maintain a minimum setback of 1 meter from property borders. This regulation enhances safety and property rights.

7. Sewage Systems (Closed Tanks, No Discharge): All properties in Liberstad Cabin District must be equipped with sewage systems featuring closed tanks to prevent any discharge. This may include odor control mechanisms, such as coal filters on ventilation systems. Composting or incineration toilets are also acceptable sanitation solutions.

8. Greywater Management (Approved Filters Required): Greywater originating from showers, sinks, washing machines, and similar sources must pass through approved filters before being discharged into the natural environment. This regulation safeguards environmental integrity.

9. Waste Storage (Standard Containers Only): Waste and garbage must be stored exclusively in standard garbage containers. Loose storage on properties or excessive accumulation is not permitted. Liberstad Waste Management provides containers and disposal services as needed.

10. Noise Restrictions (Between 23:00 and 07:00): To maintain a peaceful living environment, loud noises are prohibited between the hours of 23:00 and 07:00.

11. Commercial Operations (Visiting Customers Prohibited): Conducting commercial activities involving visiting customers within Liberstad Cabin District is strictly prohibited. The district is primarily designated for residential purposes.

12. Access Control (Landowners, Family, and Invited Visitors Only): Access to Liberstad Cabin District is restricted solely to landowners, their immediate family members, and invited visitors. This measure enhances security, privacy, and the well-being of all residents.

13. Fire Safety (No open fires between April 15th and September 15th): Open fires, including campfires and bonfires, are strictly prohibited within Liberstad Cabin District between April 15th and September 15th each year. Alternative methods of outdoor cooking and heating are encouraged during this period to reduce the risk of wildfires.

Section II: Public and Private Land Owned by Liberstad Estates

1. Use of Public Land (Common Area): All land owned by Liberstad Estates within the Cabin District, excluding cabin plots and other private facilities, is designated as common area. This encompasses roads, pathways, parks, playgrounds, and community gardens allocated for food production.

2. Maximum 250,000 sqm for Cabin Plots: Liberstad Estates has the authority to allocate a maximum of 250,000 square meters for cabin plots within the Cabin District. This allocation ensures diversity in land use.

3. Maximum 50,000 sqm for Other Private Facilities: Liberstad Estates may designate up to 50,000 square meters for private facilities, excluding cabin plots. This provision allows for flexibility in property development.

4. Minimum 600,000 sqm as Public Land: A minimum of 600,000 square meters of land is reserved as public land, exclusively for the use of landowners within the Cabin District. This allocation provides recreational and communal spaces.

5. Preservation of Nature in Common Areas: Common areas, such as roads, parks, playgrounds, pathways, and water streams, must be maintained to preserve the natural environment and the scenic beauty of the Cabin District.

6. Provision of Common Land for Community Facilities: Liberstad Estates, in its capacity as the owner and operator, is responsible for allocating common land to landowners interested in developing community facilities. This supports the creation of shared amenities.

7. No Clear Cutting of Large Forest Areas: Clear-cutting of extensive forested areas is strictly prohibited. Only maintenance activities and responsible forest clearing are permitted to maintain the health of the ecosystem.

8. No Removal of Trees and Vegetation Without Approval: Trees and vegetation on common land cannot be removed without prior approval and upon request by cabin plot owners in the Cabin District who are directly affected by such actions. This regulation promotes responsible land management.

9. Main Road Maintenance: Liberstad Estates, as the owner and operator, is responsible for the maintenance of the main roads throughout the Cabin District, ensuring safe and accessible transportation routes.

10. Private Road Maintenance: Cabin plot owners are responsible for maintaining the private roads leading to their respective plots, even if these roads extend beyond the boundaries of their individual plots and onto Liberstad Estates' land. This stipulation guarantees proper upkeep of access routes to individual properties.

Regulations and Adaptability

These regulations represent the initial framework established for the Liberstad Cabin District. In the dynamic environment of Liberstad, regulations may evolve over time to align with the progress and development of our community.

Landowners are reminded that these regulations are an integral part of the purchase agreement, and by acquiring property within the Cabin District, they commit to upholding these regulations. Any breaches or violations will be referred to The Council of The Free City of Liberstad, which will ensure fair and just resolution in accordance with Liberstad's principles and governance model.

We encourage all landowners to stay informed about any updates or modifications to the regulations to maintain harmony and adherence to our shared values within the Liberstad Cabin District.

Additional information

A Statement on Cabin Development in Liberstad


The Cabin District within Liberstad is currently subject to regulatory oversight by the local municipality, designated as an LNF (Natur, Farming and Recreational Use) area. Under these regulations, the construction of any structures is prohibited, representing a divergence from our vision for the district.

Our Commitment

It is essential to clarify our stance on this matter. We firmly disagree with the existing restrictions and regulations imposed by the municipality and the Norwegian state, which hinder the development of the Cabin District according to our intended purpose.

Our Vision

Our vision for the Cabin District is one where it thrives as a dedicated recreational and cabin area, preserving the natural beauty and serenity that characterizes such spaces. We are resolute in our commitment to this vision and will actively work towards securing the necessary permissions and approvals for the development of Liberstad and its districts as we envision.

Collective Action

To that end, we encourage all landowners within the Cabin District to be aware of these challenges and our shared objectives. For those who are comfortable proceeding with construction within the bounds of our established regulations, we welcome your support in realizing this vision collectively.

Individual Options

We also respect the choices of landowners who may prefer to pursue individual building permits through the municipality. We fully acknowledge the diversity of preferences within our community and respect the autonomy of each landowner.

Continued Efforts

It is our ongoing commitment to tirelessly advocate for the permissions required to develop Liberstad and its districts in accordance with our shared vision. We believe that through concerted effort and unwavering determination, we can secure the necessary approvals to create a Cabin District that embodies the essence of recreation and nature.

Exercising Caution for the Preservation of Liberstad


In our quest to develop Liberstad and its districts according to our vision, we must acknowledge the existing regulatory landscape, which places certain restrictions on our aspirations. Specifically, the local municipality and the state of Norway impose regulations that affect our ability to construct structures within the Cabin District.

Our Prudent Approach

While we remain steadfast in our commitment to realizing the vision of a recreational and cabin-focused district in Liberstad, we must, at this juncture, exercise restraint and responsibility. It is imperative that we refrain from pushing the boundaries to an extent that might jeopardize the project as a whole.

The Importance of Caution

Our decision to exercise caution is not born out of compromise, but rather out of a desire to protect the integrity of the project. It is our collective responsibility to safeguard Liberstad against potential fines, legal challenges, and any form of economic or physical aggression by the Norwegian state.

Strategic Restraint

By adhering to the regulations as they currently stand, we aim to avoid unnecessary confrontations and setbacks. We are committed to pursuing all avenues to secure the permissions required to fully realize our vision, but we must do so strategically and responsibly.

Our Collective Future

The road ahead may require patience and persistence, but it is through such diligence that we will ultimately achieve our objectives. We appreciate the understanding and cooperation of our community members as we navigate these challenges together.

Encouraging Development in the Cabin District

Building Our Vision Together

We are committed to the vision of the Cabin District as a haven for recreational and cabin-focused living within Liberstad. We understand that this vision can only be fully realized through the collective efforts of our landowners.

Development Opportunities

To that end, we encourage all landowners to embark on the journey of development on their respective plots. There are several steps that can be taken immediately to lay the foundation for your dream cabin:

  1. Vegetation and Tree Management: Begin by clearing excess vegetation and trees on your plot, preserving the natural beauty of the area while preparing the ground for future construction.

  2. Cabin Planning: Start planning your cabin, considering its design, layout, and the specific surface area it will occupy on your plot.

  3. Private Roads: If applicable, consider the construction of private roads leading to your plot, ensuring convenient access to your future cabin.

  4. Structures: Structures such as platforms and building foundations can be constructed without delay, providing a sturdy base for future development.

  5. Sheds: Sheds up to 15 square meters are permissible and can serve various purposes, including hunting sheds and tool storage, as long as they align with agriculture, hunting, or forestry-related activities.

Taking the First Steps

We believe that by taking these initial steps, you are not only laying the groundwork for your own cabin but also contributing to the realization of our shared vision for the Cabin District.

Responsible Development

While we encourage development, we also emphasize responsible and respectful practices that align with our overarching goals. Together, we can create a harmonious and thriving community within the Cabin District.

Community Progress

The future of the Cabin District is in our hands, and by beginning these development efforts, we are collectively shaping the legacy of Liberstad. We look forward to witnessing the progress and growth of our community as we work together to bring our vision to life.

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