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Free City of Liberstad

We are building and developing the Free City of Liberstad in a peaceful and respectful manner to nature and the environment, with a focus on the safety and security of its residents.

We are located in Southern Norway and welcome freedom lovers from around the world to join us, both physically and digitally, as members.

By joining us you confirm your acceptance of the Voluntaryist Covenant.



Join us building a better society

Come visit us and see what real individual freedom can be like!


We are easy to reach:


  • 4 hours 45 minutes by car from Oslo.

  • The nearest airport is Kjevik (Kristiansand), 55 km away.

  • International harbor in Kristiansand, just 52 km away.

  • Google Maps / OpenStreetMap

Did you enjoy your visit? Then stay! We welcome anyone who shares our principles, to become a resident, join the community and we will help you build and start your own business.


If you want to know more, read our blog.

Do business with us and with us! We can supply timber, construction material, fire wood and offer consultancy services (website development, online advertising and marketing, etc.), training while you work on your tasks. Write to us by email or online chat on the bottom right.

Liberstad is built upon the philosophy of Voluntaryism, where the fundamental principle is that all human interactions should be grounded in voluntary, mutually consensual agreements. We ardently uphold the belief that Voluntaryism serves as the bedrock for a society characterized by freedom, peace, and prosperity, while regarding traditional governments as outdated and primitive methods of societal organization.

Our fundamental belief is rooted in the recognition that all individuals possess inherent and inalienable natural rights to life, liberty, and property.

Liberstad is one of many global projects to establish better forms of societies, cities and communities. We support all our brothers and sisters in the unified efforts to build more free cities.

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