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Membership agreement

This membership agreement is for a Standard membership in Liberstad Membership Organization.

Liberstad Membership Organization's head office is located in Liberstad.

Liberstad Membership Organization
Tjellandsveien 334, 4536 Bjelland, ​Norway
tlf : +47 4110 4444
email :


Liberstad Membership Organization - LMO ( 924 531 517) , is part of the Liberstad Project which consist of this membership organization, the operating Company Liberstad Drift AS ( 915 892 108) and its property.

Liberstad consists of the following property in the municipality of Lindesnes, Norway and will in this agreement be identified as Liberstad.

  • Gårdsnummer 707, bruksnummer 9

  • Gårdsnummer 732, bruksnummer 1

  • Gårdsnummer 731, bruksnummer 4

  • Gårdsnummer 707, bruksnummer 7

The Liberstad project is an effort to establish and develop a private city owned and operated solely by private actors.
Liberstad is founded on the philosophy of Voluntaryism, which means that all human interactions must be voluntary and free from aggression*
All landowners, residents and visitors in Liberstad MUST be a registered member of the Liberstad Membership Organization.
Non-members will not be allowed in Liberstad without prior agreement with LMO or Liberstad Drift AS management.

* Aggression is here defined as the use or threat of physical force against a person or person's property.


  • Member has the following benefits and privileges:

    • visit and stay in Liberstad at any time during opening hours.

    • free use of all common areas in Liberstad except for the housing/cabin district.

    • full participation rights on the internal market - Libermarket.

    • renting camping-area for tent, trailer or RV

    • renting accommodations such as the barracks, cabins, guest house, apartments

    • right to purchase Liberstad Squares (tokenized ownership of land in Liberstad)

    • right to reserve plots in the cabin/housing district.

    • right to purchase plots in the housing/cabin area (requires a minimum of 1 year membership)

    • receive updates, news and invitation to all events, concerts and gatherings in Liberstad

    • receive updates and news about the development of Liberstad

    • access to all member forums and groups on Telegram and the Membership Platform

    • access to member-section on website


  • Applicant must be 18 years of age to apply for membership in Liberstad Membership Organization. Junior membership is sought by parents.

  • Membership fee is 365,- NOK (40,- USD)  per membership term. 

  • Membership cards have a one-time fee of 10, - USD. Loss of cards must be reported immediately to the board of LMO. Replacement of cards costs 10 USD, - (Membership cards are not available yet, but will be required in the future for entering Liberstad. Members will also receive a digital membership card)​  

  • Member can cancel the membership with one month's notice. Membership fees will not be refunded. (Cancellation request of membership can be sent to

  • Upon payment of membership fee, member’s membership privileges will be activated for a period of twelve (12) continuous months  (“Membership Term”).    

  • The membership term is for twelve (12) months and starts from time of full payment of the membership fee has been received by LMO. Invoice or payment request for renewal of membership is sent well in advance of membership. Reminder sent by email. When the membership fee is paid within due date, the membership continues with associated benefits and privileges.

  • Memberships may be refused or revoked at the discretion of LMO.

  • If the membership agreement is not renewed within due date, the membership benefits will cease.

  • The membership fee is neither refundable nor transferable for any reason.

  • Payment of membership fee does not give member any right, interest or ownership in Liberstad or Liberstad Drift AS

  • Membership privileges are personal to member and may not be sold, transferred, or otherwise assigned in any manner.

  • Decisions regarding early termination or suspension of membership will be in the sole and absolute discretion of LMO.

  • LMO may terminate or suspend membership if member violates any terms of this contract agreement.

  • No portion of any fees paid is refundable upon revocation or suspension of a membership

  • ​LMO reserves the right to change the terms and conditions of membership agreement including code of conduct at any time by giving written notice.

  • LMO reserves the right to refuse membership without providing any specific explanation if it can be assumed that the person may oppose the purpose of the membership organization or otherwise impair the interests of the organization and / or Liberstad.

  • LMO reserve the right to increase the price of the membership subscription on an annual basis.  You will be informed of any fee increase within your renewal letter.  If we discover an error in the price of your membership subscription, we will inform you as soon as is reasonably possible.


  • For the duration of the Membership Term, Member will receive certain benefits which are listed in this document. Collectively, these benefits are referred to as “Member Privileges and Benefits.”

  • LMO reserves the right to modify Member Privileges at any time by providing written notice

  • LMO will immediately terminate all Member Privileges upon expiration of Membership Term


  • General Policies

    • ​Member agrees to abide by LMO's general policies as set forth herein and as may be published by LMO from time to time.

  • Member Responsibilities

    • ​It is not allowed to resell event- and concert tickets obtained through membership in the organization to non-members.

    • Any damage to the property of Liberstad is the responsibility of the member to repair and/or replace.

    • LMO reserves the right to expel any member who uses excessive foul language, illegal substances, exhibits aggressive or violent behaviour, or otherwise causes a nuisance to other members or staff.

    • Children under the age of 15 are welcome in Liberstad when accompanied by an adult, unless the General Manager, Assistant Manager, or other authorised LMO personnel has granted permission for an unaccompanied visit in advance.

    • Member pledges to support the aims and interests of the Liberstad project, Liberstad Drift AS and LMO and shall not under any circumstances promote, support or advocate aggression in any form against Liberstad or any of its members residing in Liberstad as a resident or visitor.

    • Members must at all time adhere to the non-aggression principle. 

  • Consent

    • Member accepts and recognises Liberstad as an independent and autonomous society and territory.

    • Member DO NOT acknowledge the legal rights of the Norwegian Government or any of its sub-organisations to exercise any form of aggression* against LMO, Liberstad Drift AS or Liberstad and / or any of its members who reside in Liberstad as residents or visitors.

    • Member accepts, recognises and acknowledge that any and / or all participation in Libermarket by any member is NOT subjected to any form of regulations or taxes by the Norwegian Government or other nation states.​

    • Member accepts, recognises and acknowledge that any members natural right to life, liberty and property stands above and supersedes all other national laws or other laws in Norway or any other nation states.

    • By becoming a member of Liberstad Member Organization, the Member confirms and certifies that he / she is over the age of 18 years and has read, understood and accepted all terms and conditions of this Membership Agreement.

* Aggression is here defined as the use or threat of physical force against a person or person's property.

  • LMO and Liberstad Drift AS reserve the right to host special events such as weddings, parties and other gatherings. Such events may partially limit the availability and facilities of Liberstad. Such special events can also prevent the use of some areas.

  • Any or all practice areas also may be unavailable from time to time because of inclement weather or maintenance practices. LMO will make every effort to inform members of such events, but ultimately reserves the right to close Liberstad and its facilities for any reason at its sole discretion.

  • Level 3 membership does not grant access to the housing/cabin district. The housing/cabin district is limited to Level 1 and 2 membership

  • ​Membership does not include entrance fee for paid events and concerts.

  • All members will be invited to all concerts and events, but some events may have a maximum number of guests and members are not guaranteed tickets if sold out.​


  • No Warranty

    • LMO provides the Membership Privileges an “as is” basis, without warranty or guarantee of any kind, either express or implied, including, but not limited to, the implied warranties or conditions of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose

  • Limited Liability

    • In no event shall LMO or Liberstad Drift AS its officers, employees or agents be liable for loss of any kind or for indirect, special or consequential damages of any kind, even if LMO and/or Liberstad Drift AS has been advised of the possibility of such damages arising from any defect or error.

    • Member shall indemnify LMO and Liberstad Drift AS, its officers, employees and agents, and protect and hold LMO and Liberstad Drift AS, its officers, employees and agents harmless from and against any and all claims, liabilities, losses, costs, damages, expense, including consultants and attorney’s fees, court costs, demands, causes of action or judgement directly or indirectly arising out of or related to membership or Member’s use of Membership Privileges. LMO and Liberstad Drift AS disclaims any and all loss or liability resulting from, but not limited to: unauthorised use or misuse of your account information, errors, omissions or misstatements in any information or Membership Privileges provided under this Agreement or Member’s inability to use Membership Privileges.

    • LMO’s entire liability and that of its officers, employees, agents and any third party providing services as part of the Membership Privileges, and Member’s exclusive remedy with respect to any matter arising out of this Agreement, is limited to the actual amount paid for Membership Fees.

  • Indemnification

    • ​Member agrees to indemnify LMO and Liberstad Drift AS, its officers, employees and agents for any and all losses due to purposeful or negligent acts of Member, Member’s guests, employees or children, including acts occurring as a result of the consumption of alcohol.



  • Member acknowledges that in acquiring a membership, Member acquires only a nonexclusive license to use all or a portion of Liberstad facilities, in accordance with this Agreement and the Membership Policies.

  • Member acknowledges that Member acquires no ownership or vested rights in or to Liberstad, it's facilities or property, and does not have any right to participate in the management or control of LMO or Liberstad Drift AS

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