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Embracing Freedom and Peace

As voluntaryists of Liberstad, we have made a deliberate choice to embrace self-determination and personal responsibility. We firmly believe that our community can flourish independently, free from reliance on government services. We perceive the state as an institution that enforces authority through force and aggression, a stance that we cannot endorse or financially support.

Our commitment to voluntaryism is deeply rooted in our unwavering belief in individual freedom, peace, and the sanctity of natural rights. Based on these core principles, we are resolved to disentangle ourselves from the Norwegian government. Our vision is one where individuals exercise their liberties without the presence of a coercive authority.

We consciously choose peace and freedom over the comforts provided by state aggression. It goes against our values and beliefs to accept the actions of the state and continue to fund systems of aggression. We are willing to endure the hardships of living without such systems rather than supporting and funding them.

If the Norwegian government genuinely upholds the tenets of human rights and minority protection, we anticipate their respect for our aspiration to create a self-governing community aligned with our beliefs and values. We hope for the recognition and safeguarding of our inherent rights.

However, if the government were to disregard our natural rights and freedom of choice, it would cast doubt upon their commitment to the principles they profess. In such a circumstance, we consider it imperative to persist on our journey toward greater personal liberty, peace, and self-determination, regardless of their stance.

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