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Statement from Liberstad in Support of Liberland Amid Recent Incidents.

Liberstad is deeply concerned about the recent incident that occurred on September 21st, 2023, involving settlers in Liberland. Reports suggest that Croatian police officers entered the sovereign land of Liberland and engaged in aggression that resulted in the theft and destruction of property belonging to residents of Liberland.

Regardless of any political disputes that may exist between Croatia and Liberland, such actions are a clear violation of the principles of peace and respect for property rights. We strongly condemn any act of aggression towards peaceful individuals and a peaceful nation.

Liberstad stands firmly in support of Liberland and President Vít Jedlička in their effort to establish a nation based on natural rights and voluntaryism. The nation of Liberland, as outlined in their statements, suggests a nation that aligns with much of our shared values and philosophy, which is natural rights and voluntaryism.

From our understanding and knowledge, we have not seen any evidence or valid reasons to deny Liberland its claimed land by any of the bordering nations. The settlers in Liberland, who were in the process of building and establishing a settlement, have the right to live in a secure environment and have their property protected. It is crucial that allegations of property theft, destruction, and any use of force are thoroughly investigated, and those responsible are held accountable under the rule of law.

Liberstad calls for a swift and transparent investigation into this incident and urges all parties involved to engage in diplomatic efforts to address their differences peacefully. We believe that peaceful resolution and adherence to the principles of justice and the rule of law are essential for resolving disputes and conflicts between nations or territories.

Liberstad remains committed to the promotion of individual rights, voluntaryism, and the principles of freedom and peace. We hope that this incident can be resolved through peaceful means and that the rights and security of all individuals in the region are respected and protected.

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