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Opposing State Authority and the Notion of Nations

We, the voluntaryists of Liberstad, stand united in our unwavering rejection of the presumed authority held by the Norwegian state, as well as all other states worldwide. We firmly maintain that no group of individuals, irrespective of their self proclaimed titles, should ever possess the legitimate right to subjugate and extract resources from others, merely on the basis of words inscribed on paper and beliefs they have constructed in their minds.

The notion of state authority has been a source of ongoing debate and dissent throughout history. The age-old question remains: By what right does a particular group of individuals claim the power to govern and dictate the lives of others? We, as voluntaryists, vehemently challenge this presumed authority, which is often rooted in historical tradition and the coercive mechanisms of the state. We contend that such a claim is far from sufficient to legitimize the control exerted over the lives and properties of individuals.

In Liberstad, we take our rejection a step further, challenging the very concept of nations. We question the idea that a group of individuals, even when they declare themselves a government, can legitimately lay claim to land that has not been acquired through entirely voluntary means, free from the stain of force and coercion. To us, the rightful ownership of property must be a consensual act between parties, and when force and coercion are employed, we categorize such property acquisition as nothing less than an act of theft.

Liberstad, as a living embodiment of the principles of voluntaryism, shines as a beacon of hope for all who envision a world where individual liberty and consent take precedence. We underscore the need for a society where governance is consensual and authority is not asserted through force but derived from the mutual agreement and respect of the individuals.

Our community is dedicated to challenging the status quo and inspiring deep contemplation regarding the nature of authority and the origins of governance. We firmly believe that true freedom and justice can only be achieved when individuals are free to make choices without coercion, and when the acquisition of property adheres to the principles of voluntarism. Liberstad is our vision of a society where such principles are not mere ideals but are actively practiced, a place where the presumed authority of the state and the concept of nations have been redefined by the very people they purport to govern.

As we persist in our advocacy for a world founded on voluntarism, we extend an invitation to others to join us in our pursuit of a more equitable, free, and just society. The path ahead is not without its challenges, but the destination is a world where authority is genuinely rooted in the consent of individuals, and the acquisition of property exemplifies the principles of voluntarism, free from the specter of force and coercion.

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