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Embracing the New Free World: Breaking Free from Old Mental Constructs

To truly understand the New Free World, it becomes paramount to deconstruct and cast away the prevailing concepts and mental constructs of the old unfree world. The transition from a world defined by government authority and obedience to a paradigm where these notions have lost their grip is a profound journey in itself.

In the New Free World, the traditional structures of governments, and the obedience and servitude imposed by a select political elite through their "legal" power over the masses are no longer part of the landscape. These concepts, which have long governed human societies, are dismantled and cast aside. Here, there is no room for the traditional concept of "legal" power to control and subjugate individuals.

The New Free World represents a radical departure from these established norms. It challenges the idea that a small group of so-called political elite should wield authority over the masses through "legal" power. Instead, the emphasis is placed on the principles of voluntaryism, cooperation, and individual liberty.

In this world, individuals are empowered to take control of their lives, explore their potential, and engage in voluntary exchanges that promote growth and cooperation. The concept of government is absent, and obedience is replaced by a commitment to non-coercion and respect for individual rights.

Understanding the New Free World means unshackling the mind from the preconceptions of the old unfree world. It requires a shift in consciousness, a recognition that there is an alternative path where the traditional constructs of authority no longer hold sway. It's an invitation to envision a world where individuals are free to chart their course, where the heavy yoke of government authority is lifted, and where the New Free World thrives as a beacon of peace, freedom, and cooperation.

This transition may seem like an ambitious departure from established norms for many. The idea of a world without the familiar concepts of government and the power of legal authority may appear utopian. However, the New Free World challenges these preconceived notions, offering an alternative path—one where traditional constructs of authority and power are replaced by voluntaryism, cooperation, and individual liberty. It's a journey toward a world where individuals are empowered, where the weight of government and legal authority fades, and where the New Free World emerges as a reality waiting to be embraced.

Governments are not real. Their laws, their nations, their financial system—none of these are tangible entities. Instead, they exist solely as mental constructs in the minds of those who believe in them. The power and authority attributed to governments are products of collective belief and societal agreement.

You hold the power to believe in these constructs, and it's the act of belief that sustains them. When one ceases to believe, the mental prison that political elites use to maintain control begins to crumble. This transformation empowers individuals to break free from the confines of traditional structures and embrace a world where the principles of voluntaryism, cooperation, and freedom are paramount. In this New Free World, the key to liberation is the liberation of the mind, where individuals cast aside the illusions of government authority and embark on a path towards genuine peace, freedom, and self-determination.

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