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  • Is Liberstad an anarchistic society?
    Yes, Liberstad is a stateless community devoid of a centralized government structure.
  • What is Liberstad?
    Liberstad is a pioneering endeavor aimed at establishing a private city founded on the principles of voluntaryism.
  • Is there any form of community organization or cooperation in Liberstad?
    The Council of The Free City of Liberstad is a non-profit organization open to all members, fostering community engagement and collaboration.
  • Are there any businesses operating within Liberstad?
    Currently, there are 30 registered companies operating within Liberstad, established through the City Chain Business Registry (CCBR).
  • How is property ownership managed in Liberstad?
    Property ownership is facilitated through the Liberstad Land Registry, which issues deeds as verifiable credentials to owners via Decentralized Identity systems.
  • Is Liberstad a lawless society?
    No, Liberstad operates as a contractual society grounded in the principles of natural rights and natural law.
  • What is Voluntaryism?
    Voluntaryism represents a moral philosophy and lifestyle choice that opposes legalized aggression and coercion, advocating instead for a society built upon voluntary and consensual interactions among all individuals.
  • What is a private city?
    A private city is one that operates entirely under private ownership and management, overseen by individuals and organizations outside of governmental control.
  • What currency is used in Liberstad?
    While Citycoin serves as the official currency, individuals and businesses are free to accept any currency of their choosing.
  • Can visitors come to Liberstad? If so, are there any restrictions or requirements? Can visitors come to Liberstad? If so, are there any restrictions or requirements?
    Visitors are permitted with invitation by landowners or residents, facilitated through the Liberstad Membership Organization. All visitors are issued a visitor card as proof of invitation.
  • How does Liberstad ensure security and safety for its residents?
    Liberstad maintains a comprehensive membership database, ensuring oversight of residents at all times. Additionally, Liberstad Security Services provide safety and security for all members.
  • How does Liberstad handle disputes or conflicts between residents?
    Disputes are resolved privately between the involved parties, with the option of utilizing Liberstad Dispute Resolution Organizations (DROs).
  • Can anyone live in Liberstad, or are there restrictions?
    Membership in Liberstad is reserved for individuals who identify as free and autonomous, having signed the Voluntaryist Covenant. Legal entities and persons are not eligible for membership.
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